Interested in Becoming a Theatre Tech?

What ARE the Theatre Techs you ask?!
~ We are a rag tag band of lighting and sound Ninjas!

When you go to see a play, dance shoe, musical, band concert, or ANY event in the auditorium (often in the main gym too), WE are the reason that you hear or see anything!! AHHHH... The POWER WE HAVE!

Want to learn about sound? Want to learn about lighting? Want to learn about running a production backstage? We would love to have you join our team!

Meeting times vary by event. However, in general the Theater Techs meet almost daily in the Auditorium from 3-5pm. During shows, this could be from 3-7 or 9pm depending on set construction or tech needs.

Want to learn more? See Mr. Weidig in the media center to drop him a line at

Contact: Scott Weidig
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