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Hello all!

First- another great big congratulations to all on such a successful season this year, from frosh all the way up to varsity and the senior all star meet! Also, Another thank you to all for such a nice banquet- it was a great time with some great young men in attendance- hopefully they all enjoyed it, and best of luck to the seniors in the future! Thanks to the parents who helped make it possible, we appreciate it!

Other odds and ends announcements- if your son has his uniform still, please send it back ASAP. Additionally, Summer camp registration is now open (Go to athletics site), please register so we have accurate numbers early on to determine if we have enough to run the camps. It starts Thursday!!! Bring a frosh with you boys! We cannot continue our success without effort in the off season! Beyond summer camp, there are many clubs and camps that you can continue to encourage your boys to be a part of like Gymkhana, Mega, Elk Grove, etc. in the fall and winter. Get a group going to make it more enjoyable and motivating.

Have a fantastic summer, and see you all soon!

-        Coach Bostrom